“Bach Remix” Gr. 1/2-3/4 Concert

JLPS’s first full onstage concert…ever! I can’t even. During this fall’s music classes my primary students and I made magic happen. We walked to our local Toronto Music Gardens and learned about the music of J.S. Bach. Then each of the 7 classes chose a different Bach melody and took it on a rollercoaster ride. We remixed it. We added body percussion, lyrics to notes, mallet/ukulele/percussion parts, and arranged our new pieces. Students chose their performance instruments. Then we rehearsed, discussed, and rehearsed some more. Students’ voices made all of our musical and concert decisions. We set performance goals and, dear audience, we met them! What a show! When we reflected together on our concert each class told me that they can’t wait to perform again – they’re begging for a concert this spring! They loved being celebrated. Thank you JLPS community!