Sharing 4’33

For years I’ve organized “Sharing Music from Home” lessons. Students are invited to perform practised pieces for their peers. Voluntary “show-and-tell” in Music class. This year I’m focusing on the silence between notes; I was inspired by Katrina Goldsaito’s kid book, “The Sound of Silence.” I shared this book and taught my students about Cage’s “4’33.” Our influence is incredible. After these lessons, Sharing music from Home has a new feel around here. I had students create and notate their own compositions (straw pan flute, mallets on water bottles), one student sampled his voice into our keyboard, a shy student actually performing “4’33,” but the one that floored me was a grade 3 who set up GarageBand on a computer to record himself calling his home phone with a cell phone. 7 mins of amazing sounds and feedback. The sound vs music debate rages on. Minds and ears are open.