In a reflection

I asked the students, “what does improvisation, in Music and in Drama, feels like to you?”
They answered..
More like recess than school and it feels like real life and I love it.
It means to me that  you can act or sing or dance to show others how good you can do it or do it just for fun. It inspires us to be more creative.
It means to me that I can just be free in music and I can express my feelings in drama
It feels like a party in my music and my mind.

It feels like you haver a million ideas rolling in your mind and then you have to choose one.
Improvisation in music or drama is when you get to express your feelings. It makes you think hard, learn hard, and not really care what people think about what you think.
To me improvisation feels like freedom where I can get my feelings out without someone criticizing me.
Improvisation makes me really happy because it’s super fun to do and can turn out very funny.
To me it feels like I can show my funny feeling to the class and show my creative feelings, and really who who I am.
I feel I am free having fun and being myself.

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