So we just make it up?

“So Ms Fraser, we just make it up?” “Yes, you come up with an idea, try it out, and then write it down. It’s composing!” “So we just make it up?”

IRC students are all composing original music for a Spring Talent Dance in April. They are starting by each writing a melody but soon we’ll form bands and use GarageBand. We’re all excited and a little bewildered. 

Winter Wonderland

IRC’s Community Open House will take place on December 6th from 6-7:15. Visit different activities in different classrooms. When you and your child come to the music room you can learn “Winter Wonderland” on a ukulele, guitar, drum, or mallet instrument. We’re going to teach you and then jam! These are some grade 3s demonstrating that “practise makes better!”

Remembrance and The Law of Great Peace

This year’s IRC Remembrance Day Assembly included a tableau presentation by the Grade 6s about The Law of Great Peace, an IRC parent speaking about her appreciation for Canada, traditional trumpet music, and the Primary Choir singing “Thanks a lot.” Sitting in a circle together was my favourite part. 

IRC’s Creative Choir

Our Junior (Grades 3-6) choir just recorded Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” for the CBC Canadian Music Class Challenge. IRC Dad, Rob, brought in a recording team and the students, Ms Greenwood, and I dug deep as we recorded multiple takes. I’m so proud of our hard work! A big thanks to Ms Hagen for taking on this challenge with me!